Vineyards and discoveries label in the region Molsheim-Mutzig

What is the Vineyards and discoveries  label? (Vignobles & Découvertes)

Created in 2009, the Vineyards and discoveries label is awarded for a period of 3 years by Atout France, after recommendation by the Conseil Supérieur de l’Oenotourisme, to a wine tourism destination offering a range of complementary tourist products (accommodation, restaurants, cellar visits and tastings, museums, events, etc.) and enabling customers to organise their stay more easily and to be guided towards qualified services.

The Vineyards and discoveries label corresponds to a collective mark, the Vignobles & Découvertes mark, the management and awarding procedure of which are governed by a set of regulations.

Vineyards and discoveries label in the region molsheim-mutzig
Catégorie Vignoble & Découvertes
Catégorie label vignobles & découvertes
25 results
Pointeur Andlau

La Seigneurie

Pointeur Dinsheim sur Bruche

Fort of Mutzig / Feste Kaiser Wilhelm II

Pointeur Dorlisheim

Wines Goesel Vincent

Pointeur Dorlisheim

Wines Pierre & Frédéric Becht

Pointeur Dorlisheim

Evindez Vous, Wine and ebikes

Pointeur Dorlisheim

Wines Bernard Becht

Pointeur Gresswiller

Bretzel festival

Pointeur Meistratzheim

Sauerkraut Factory - LE PIC

Pointeur Molsheim

Hotel-restaurant Diana & Spa4 étoiles

Pointeur Molsheim

Grape festival on Sunday

Pointeur Molsheim

Vineyard Marathon

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