Step n°4 : Former family house

Private property. No visits.

The house originally opened onto a park with a rose garden, where the company restaurant now stands. Adjacent to the rose garden were the stables, as Ettore Bugatti was a horse lover. His favourite horse was Brouillard. He also had a collection of horse-drawn vehicles.

Over the years, he made changes to the Villa, adding for example a back staircase and a large glass structure or veranda as it was called.

This veranda was home to a magnificent conservatory – the finishing touch to the residence where Ettore Bugatti hosted his guests. He went on to install a private cinema underneath this, catering for his love of westerns.


Did you know that?

It was the home of the Bugatti family from 1909 to 1939, located within the perimeter of the original factory, at the so-called “Hardtmühle”.

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